Tell Us How Cerebral Palsy Has Impacted Your Family

Welcome to the official site of, created to provide information and assistance to the Cerebral Palsy community. Kyle's Krowd was named after Kyle James Smith, a teenage boy from Middletown, NJ who was born with severe CP. Kyle's parents and relatives know first-hand how difficult it is to care for and raise a child with CP. We hope this site can be a useful resource for those who find themselves in the same situation as Kyle and his family. Take a spin around our site - hopefully you will find something useful!

In The News...

The Kyle's Krowd team is in the early stages of conducting research into acquiring a building and/or property which can used as a group home for those with developmental disabilties.  It's no secret that individuals with these disabilties often have no place to go when they reach adulthood.  Kyle's Krowd wants to open a residence that can accomodate these folks so they can live a decent life with those who can care for them when needed.  In order to accomplish this, we will need the help of the kind individuals who have visted this site, as well as Kyle's Facebook page.  We will soon be establishing a crowdsource site to help with the fundraising.  Please return back to our site periodically to see how you can donate to our effort.

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